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Lighting Controls

Maximise your energy savings with Nocom’s scalable automated lighting control system. Easy to implement, operate and adapt.

Scalable Energy Savings for Commercial Applications

As the demand for smarter and greener buildings increases, it is vital to embrace technologies that facilitate energy conservation whilst keeping your occupants comfortable and enabling easy building maintenance.

Nocom’s Network Lighting Control System adopts numerous energy-saving techniques, including daylight harvesting, scheduling, occupancy and task tuning. These strategies are implemented utilising lighting protocols, such as:

  • DALI
  • 0-10V
  • digital input/output
  • analog input/output
  • BACnet

Nocom uses its own intelligent lighting control software based on open-source technology which is compatible with the majority of lighting hardware. Our system is scalable and can be personalised to precisely fit your needs, while accommodating remote changes on the fly.

Our installation package comes with our web-based maintenance software that allows remote control access for the building operator and electrical technicians. This package also includes the option for pre-programmed ready-to-install devices to control lighting in seconds.

When you partner with Nocom, we provide a hardware package and hands-off installation based on your requirements and energy saving objectives. Nocom’s commission team works directly with your electrical contractor to complete the installation and commission the system to maximise your energy efficiencies.

Characteristics and Advantages
Automate Energy-Efficient Lighting

Hardware Flexibility

Compatible with all lighting equipment manufacturers’ sensors.

Web-based GUI

Manage your lighting network with ease from your browser.

Compact Components

Small industrial PLC controllers for compact installation.

Reusable and Relocatable Components

Easily reprogrammable for changing environments.

Variety of Communication Options

DALI, digital input/output, 0-10V, analog input/output.

Wireless Programming and Commissioning Software

Free of charge, Windows OS ready.

Component Categories
Extensive Variety of Hardware Combinations

Truly open protocol allows us to utilise the most dependable components in the market.


  • Solid-state relays
  • Up to 20 AMPs
  • DALI and/or 0-10V

Ceiling Sensors

  • Ultrasonic and/or passive infrared
  • Up to 2,000 ft² coverage
  • Built-in daylight harvesting option

Wall Sensors

  • Ultrasonic and/or passive infrared
  • Low-voltage

Dimming Switches

  • Up to 6 buttons in a single gang
  • Screwless wall plates with various colour options
  • Wireless and powerless switches

Industrial PLC Components

  • Extremely rugged and compact controllers
  • Modular and scalable
  • Up of 64 terminals
  • Beckoff and bust-couplers
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