Powering North America's
infrastructure since 1991

Nocom is a Canadian-owned manufacturer of high-quality and cost-effective electrical components, delivering flexible solutions to bring even the most complex projects to fruition.

Time-Saving Commercial Wiring
for Every Application

Having been led by electricians since its foundation, Nocom knows about the challenges that come with each project. That’s why our product lines are intuitive, reliable and made to adapt.

Modular Wiring

Our quick-connect lighting and power components ensure a scalable and flexible installation process for complete branch wiring systems; ideal for both new and retrofit projects.

Floor Boxes

Multi-service floor boxes for all floor construction types and environments, with adjustable height options and specific designations such as 2-hour fire rating and scrub water exclusion.

Lighting Controls

Harness energy-savings through automation with scalable lighting control systems. Our customized package simplifies installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance for years to come.

Speciality Applications

From small customization to fully original units, Nocom has designed and built custom components for specialized industries alongside its customers since 1991.

Products You Can Rely On

Nocom offers a variety of solutions that can get you through the most challenging projects.

Labour & Cost-Saving

Cut your labour costs by up to 75% thanks to our innovative product design, carefully engineered systems and detailed installation drawings.


With a long history of rugged and durable products, Nocom’s components carry UL, CSA, ETL and NOM certifications along with other specialized accreditations.


With a wide variety of components, configurations and options, our products and systems can be customised to fit your individual specifications.

Turnaround Time

From rapid production to quick delivery, Nocom produces quality components manufactured in Canada and built from primarily Canadian-sourced materials.

Regional Representatives all Over the Continent

Find a sales agent that represents Nocom near you.
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