Product Branch
Specialty Applications

Customised components and alternative products for your unique requirements.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Challenging Scenarios

With so many moving parts in the construction process, obstacles can arise and requirements can change. For this reason, Nocom offers on-demand component development and redesign to meet your specific on-site needs.

Whether it be custom built floor boxes, wiring harnesses, enclosures, raceways, or even components that do not fit into our standard product lines, Nocom can design and build to your requirements.

For redesigns and completely custom components, Nocom will work directly with your team to design, develop and manufacture your new products.

All of our specialty components are tested and certified just like our standard products, ensuring code-compliance.
From small customisations to fully original units, we are proud to have designed and manufactured countless specialty products and custom components for a variety of industries.

Characteristics and advantages
Above and Beyond Standardised Products

Fully Customised Units

 Develop specialized units from the ground up.

Customisation to Existing Products

Tweak our standard units to your specific needs.

Tailored Design Process

Guided development in direct partnership with our team.

Niche Applications

For exceptional circumstances and requirements.

Aesthetic Applications

Custom finishes and decorative components.

General Categories
Get the Exact Units You Need to Complete your Projects

Catch a glimpse of some of our specialty product lines.

Raceways and Wireways

Specialty Enclosures

Custom Floor Boxes

Custom Wiring Assemblies

Wall Cabinets and Control Panels

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