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Floor Boxes

Complete your electrical infrastructure with Nocom’s extensive line of customisable floor boxes.

A Comprehensive Floor Box Lineup

With poke-through, in-slab, raised-floor, surface-mounted and outdoor floor boxes, Nocom is guaranteed to manufacture the ideal boxes for your project.

Our rugged yet elegant floor boxes come in either rectangular or circular designs, and span a wide range of sizes and gang capacities, allowing for a multitude of configuration options.

Our multi-service boxes can include a combination of power receptacles and accommodations for communication and AV requirements.

Each of our floor boxes come with a finish cover such as a hinge cover, threaded cover or drop cover. They are available in a variety of finishes including stainless steel, brass or powder-coated.

Additionally, many of our floor boxes come with unique features to match your specifications:

  • All our poke-through units come with UL 2-hour fire rating.
  • Our in-slab units are height adjustable and include a construction cover.
  • Gasketed and UL Wet Mop Compliant covers are available.

Our extensive floor box line offers feature-rich and cost-effective options for any of your installation scenarios.

Characteristics and advantages
Elegant yet Durable with the Features you are Looking for*


Include power, communication and AV capabilities in one unit.

Exclusion Covers

Wet-mop compliant and gasketed covers.

2-hour Fire-Rated

All poke-through units carry UL 2-hour fire rating.

Multiple Box Types

Floor boxes for every floor type and applications.

Cover Style
and Finishes

Wide variety of cover styles available in stainless steel, brass or powder-coated finishes.

Various Gang Capacity

Different sizes of boxes; from 1 to 12 gangs or 4-inch to 8-inch cores.

See What Nocom has to Offer

Come explore our wide variety of floor box types, sizes, configurations and finishes.


  • 2-hour fire rated
  • From 3 to 8 inch cores
  • Flush or recessed devices


  • Adjustable cover height after installation
  • Circular or rectangular covers
  • 1 to 12 gang capabilities


  • Circular or rectangular shape
  •  Wet-mop and air-tight options
  • 1 to 12 gang capabilities


  • Surface-mount boxes
  • Outdoor boxes
  • Tabletop boxes
  • Residential boxes
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