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Within today’s ever changing commercial electrical industry, Nocom’s family of innovative products help you surpass your client’s expectations.

Modular Wiring

Plug-and-play, easily reconfigurable, keyed and color-coded cable sets and device adapters suitable for both power and lighting applications.

Floor Boxes

Elegant yet durable multi-service floor boxes for every application. Customisable and available in a variety of sizes, finishes and cover styles.

Lighting Controls

Scalable automated lighting control systems utilising open-standard technology, allowing remote monitoring and ease-of-maintenance, including DALI, 0-10V and digital inputs/outputs.

Specialty Applications

Fully customisable components for a diverse range of electrical applications. Electrical enclosures, raceways, wiring harnesses; from entirely new designs to modifications to existing products.

Unsurpassed Flexibility

Since 1991, Nocom has redefined commercial wiring installation by providing components suiting the needs of modern buildings.


Flexible components made from durable materials

Time Savings

Quick-connect components and guided installation drawings

Design Support

Assisted electrical layout design for component integration*


Customisable to your requirements and applications


Keep your job costs to a minimum


Sustainable and relocatable products

Compliant, Safe, Reliable and Approved

Territorial Certifications

Nocom products are accredited and approved for use in Canada, United States, and Mexico, meeting all required jurisdictional codes.


Whether through energy saving strategies, reusable/relocatable components, or geographic proximity to our plants, Nocom products are ready to assist in achieving your LEED accreditation goals.

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Make Nocom your preferred electrical component manufacturer.

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