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Modular Wiring

As Nocom’s first product line and first product of its kind in Canada, Nocom’s modular wiring has become a staple in commercial building projects.

The Standard for Commercial Wiring

First developed as a safety device, our patented modular wiring features quick-connect mating components designed to prevent wiring errors on-site.

Our standardised components greatly simplify installation and reconfiguration, resulting in up to 75% cost-saving versus traditional hard-wiring.

Utilised for lighting, controls and power applications, our modular wiring is suitable from panel to power point, forming a complete branch circuit system.

Equipment such as fixtures and floor boxes can be supplied or field-installed with Nocom interceptors which connect via joiner or starter cables to power distribution boxes (with pre-wired homerun cables) or field junction boxes.

Each of our cables and components are built to last, using top quality materials, manufacturing processes and testing procedures. They are reusable and relocatable, giving your clients the speed and flexibility they need to welcome new tenants.

Characteristics and advantages
The Best Way to Wire on the Market


Tested for functionality and safety in our facilities

Relocatable and Reusable

Plug-and-play components for speedy fit-ups and retrofits

Color-Coded and Keyed

Ensure safety and ease of installation

Manufactured in Canada and the USA

Primarily manufactured in Ontario and Massachusetts

Variable Lengths

Standard and made-to-order lengths

Multi-Conductor with Communication Option

Up to 8 conductors, including DALI and 0-10V options

See What Nocom has to Offer

With our simple system design, Nocom is sure to provide you with the components you need.


  • Fixture Ts
  • Extender Cables
  • Lighting Distribution Plates


  • Starter Cables
  • Joiner Cables
  • Drop Cables


  • Homerun cables
  • Power Distribution Boxes
  • Furniture feed boxes
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